Will you be my Bridesmaid?

Deciding who you want next to you on your special day can be a really tough decision. I have three of my besties in my wedding party and I can’t wait to show you how I asked each of them.

How to ask…

I have seen so many different ways to ask your bridesmaids/maid of honor to be apart of your wedding. There are so many cute boxes on Etsy that you can customize to your liking or you can put a little note inside of a balloon for each of them to pop at brunch! I wanted to make mine a little extra special by designing a box for each of my girls. Granted this was quite a bit more work [and did end up costing more than ordering them already done] but I wanted them to be extra special. After all, they are my best and closest friends.

I started off by getting a really pretty box and colourful filling from Michael’s to put everything into. I then made a list of all the things I know each of the girls really like individually and then a few things I knew all of them would be into. For example, one of them loves makeup and skin care so I picked up the Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask for her!

Giving the boxes to each of them was fun because I did them all separate. I gave Andrea her box at the Spa after we had gotten a massage. She was so shocked, it was the best! I think there were a few tears shed by both of us. I met Edelyn for dinner and surprised her with a box and her reaction was “I was wondering when this was going to happen!” She’s so cute. I gave the box to my sister at a family dinner and she was so honored. I wanted each of them to be separate because it’s a nice moment to have with each of them.

All of the boxes included:

Pink floral robe (matching for getting ready photos)
❥ Mini bottle of champagne
❥ Candle
❥ A photo of the two of us on the inside of the lid
❥ Notebook
❥ Ring Pop
❥ Cactus Plant (Arizona wedding must!)
❥ Champagne Flute

Personalized Ideas:

❥ Bath Bomb
❥ Makeup
❥ Skin care
❥ Journal/Pen
❥ Photos together
❥ Bracelet or Necklace
❥ Personalized Wine Glass
❥ Personalized tee
❥ Personalized hanger for dress or robe

My three bridesmaids/maid of honor are my sister, Andrea, and Edelyn. Each of them all hold a special place in my heart and have truly been the greatest friends.

Side note: it’s interesting to see who your true friends are as you get older and who makes an effort to stay friends. I have been navigating this for a while now because I’m such an old soul but I really do believe that people are put in your life for a reason. I feel so grateful to have such amazing, supportive, loving, caring, and kind friends.

Another thing I wanted to talk about is if one of your friends/family decide that they don’t want to be a bridesmaid. I have had three of these with all different reasoning. The main one: being a bridesmaid is expensive! I completely understand that not everyone can afford to travel and pay for bachelorette parties, dresses, and makeup! One of my closest friends chose not to be a bridesmaid, and as it does make me sad she can’t be standing with me on my special day, I totally understand. There are all sorts of reasons to not accept being a bridesmaid and at the end of the day you can’t let one persons decision upset you on one of the biggest days of your life. They can still come to the wedding!

That’s how to ask your bridesmaids! If you have any questions or need ideas on how to surprise your besties, I would love to chat more about it!

[xo] -M

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