What To Wear On A Long Haul Flight

I am just about to fly back home to Vancouver from Arizona and I thought it was a good time to do a quick post on my flying essentials.  I hope everyone has a great Monday! Luckily it’s Good Friday this week so we get a short work week [which is always a plus when coming back from vacay!]

1. Wear Comfy Pants & Warm Sweaters

Especially if you are on a long flight, don’t wear jeans.  I know for me, I fly on a lot of short 3 hour flights and I still opt for a pair of cuffed sweats and a boyfriend tee.

2. Wear Your Bulkiest Clothes

They will keep you warm and leave more room in your suitcase.  It’s also handy if you only want to bring a carry-on –there will be a lot more space for your essentials.

3. Neck Pillow

Yes, I’m that person. I get really stiff when I sleep on planes and having a neck pillow helps keep my neck aligned.

4.  Bring Toiletries

I always have a face mask with me while travelling.  The air on the plane makes my skin so dry and a mask helps with breakouts and moisturizing.  I also bring a toothbrush, hair brush, and hand lotion.

5. Headphones + Chargers

These ones are self explanatory.  I love my Beats by Dr. Dre headphones.  They are noise cancelling, and even if I’m not listening to anything they help me fall asleep.

6. Layers

I always freeze when I’m on the plane! On the other hand, when I go from gate to gate at the airport I work up a sweat.  Layers are always a good idea when travelling so you can add and subtract them when needed.

[xo] -M

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