weekend brunch date: cafe medina

Last weekend, I took the liberty of treating myself to brunch. I have been very conscious of what I put in my body lately but, I felt that it was time for a splurge! We [being my boyfriend and his little man] went to Cafe Medina at 2:45 pm [yes I know, late brunch] right before closing time, and we almost didn’t make it in. It is so popular here in Vancouver, there is always a line up out the door on the weekends. Cafe Medina recently moved to a new location, which is even better than it was before! The food is very unique and they have THE best waffles in town [and specialty sauces like salted caramel, drooling over here just writing this!] We took eight of them home for breakfast the next morning –if that gives you any indication of how great they were. The inside of the restaurant is very different with neat lighting and colourful walls which makes it that much more desirable to visit.

After brunch we took a stroll through Yaletown and checked out all the cute little shops. The hat store Goorin Bros. has everything you can imagine for every season and occasion. It’s definitely worth checking out even just to try some on for fun -they had live music, too. The amount of barber shops and hair salons that are in that area is insane, I didn’t realize how many there were and they are all so different from each other. I can’t wait to send my boyfriend to The Man Cave Barber Shop for a cut and shave, it’s like getting your nails done, but for men! What a luxury…

I’m off to Vancouver Island today for my besties baby shower! Can’t wait to see her belly before her little man comes into the world! Next week, TORONTO! It’s my first time going there [that I will actually remember,] and I couldn’t be more excited! Have a great weekend everyone!


[xo] -M

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