A Valentines Day Love Note

Valentines Day is just days away and I just love everything about it!  I remember when I was younger doing up little Valentines Day cards for everyone in my class. We had to make a little mailbox to hang off of the sides of our desks and then secretly put the cards in each of them.  My mom always got my sister and I a little something as well and it’s something I will always remember and do for my kids [she still does to this day!]  When I think of Valentines Day colours I think of red, pink, and white. We all know pink is my fav colour [other than black, of course] so why wouldn’t I love this holiday?  Ps. My pink dress is on sale and so perfect for a little V-day celebration on Wednesday!

If any of you know me, you’ll know that my love story with Nick is one for the books.  We met back when I was 16 for the first time and I knew he was ‘my person’ instantly.  My parent’s on the other hand… not so much. He is seven years older than me and they weren’t so fond of that, so we parted ways for about five years until we were brought back together again.  I don’t think there was a single day that went by when I didn’t think about him.  I was always wondering what he was doing, who he was with, and how his son was.  There were a few times I actually passed by him driving and still had butterflies because I knew there was something that I had missed out on.  Six years after the day I met him we reconnected and it has been my love story every since.  Of course our relationship isn’t perfect [whose is?] but I now feel like I have my missing piece back and it’s perfect to me.

So today, I wanted to share a little love note…

To my love:

♥I love the way you call me beautiful even when I know there are times when I’m not

♥I love the way you know me so well

♥I love you for all that you do for me and everyone else around you

♥I love that you are so handy and can fix everything around the house

♥I love that you love the things I hate about myself

♥I love the way you have a glass of wine and snacks ready for me after I’ve had a bad day at work

♥I love the little surprises you plan for me

♥I love how you leave me love notes in my bag or on my ziplock bags for me to read

♥I love that you know I hate being alone so you try to be home before I finish work

♥I love the way you let me dress you and never complain

♥I love how you cuddle me no matter where we are

♥I love how you kiss me and poke my eyelashes with your nose

♥I love when you kiss me you always have lipstick on afterwards

♥I love how you’ll cancel anything when I am having a bad day and try to cheer me up

♥I love how you understand my mental health

♥I love that you come to every appointment I have just to hold my hand

♥I love how hard you work even when it’s pouring rain

♥I love how I can remember what you smelled like when I first met you and you buy the cologne just to remind me

♥I love that you always kiss me goodbye before you leave for work

♥I love how I always wake up to sweet message on my phone

♥I love that you are my photographer for almost every shoot

♥I love that you know I will eat half of whatever you’ve ordered and don’t complain

♥I love that you help me be successful by pushing me out of my comfort zone

♥I love that you make us save money but still try to spoil me every chance you get

♥I love your son more than you’ll ever know

♥I love that I can see your eyes light up when I walk into a room

♥I love that I am your everything and you are mine

The list goes on… but these are a few of my favourites ♥

Happy Valentines Day Squish!

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Beautiful love note and it looks like you had a fun photo shoot, too. 🙂



This is adorable and what a wonderful love story of how you two came back together!


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