Toronto: The Distillery Historic District


Hi lovelies -hope everyone had a great week!  I have been in Toronto exploring the city, enjoying the food, and of course, shopping! This trip was very last minute to help out with my ‘sister-in-law’s’ kids while her husband was away on business.  I was extremely lucky to be able to join my boyfriend because this is my first time [well technically second but I don’t remember the first being 2] visiting Toronto and I’ve always wanted to go!  I haven’t been anywhere other than BC and AB in Canada [that’s a little ridiculous considering I live here!]

We rented an airbnb right downtown in dundas square on the 40th floor which is the perfect location and very central, anything to far to walk is just an Uber ride away for less than ten dollars. The first couple of days I spent wandering around downtown and hanging out with the kids. We went to the distillery district with my boyfriends sister, which was the biggest distillery for whiskey in the world in the 1860’s. It has now been transformed into a very unique Victorian-era restaurant and shop district and the bricks make it even more special. We went for lunch at Cluny bistro and I had the best omelette and frites with almond crunch tea [see the cute tea pot with cup and saucer below.] After that we walked around all the cute little shops and picked up some souvenirs to bring home. It was a great day despite the rain. Toronto sure has some crazy weather, from rain to snow to sun all within 24 hours! Oh, and lets not forget about the time difference. Three hours doesn’t seem like a lot but I haven’t been going to sleep until two or three am and waking up so late. I am excited to get back home into a routine again that’s for sure!

Fill me in on your experiences in the city of Toronto, comment below!

[xo] -M



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