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t’s Thursday! Which is actually my Friday because of Good Friday and the Easter long weekend! It’s always nice to have a shortened work-week, even if it does throw you off a bit. Especially when it’s for a holiday you get to spend with family and friends!

I wanted to share with you my experience last weekend at the Evergreen Brick Works in the Don Valley of Toronto. We [my boyfriend, his sister, and her two kids] spent half a day wandering around looking at all of the neat buildings and graffiti. Unfortunately, the main building where the graffiti is inside, was closed off due to construction so I wasn’t able to get any good shots of that. When you visit the Brick Works on the weekend, you almost always see a wedding party here just to take pictures with the graffiti on the walls, so I was a little disappointed I missed out on that, but there’s always next time! There were food trucks in one section and that was under cover, everything from Mexican, to Korean, and even a specialized one for just alcohol. Of course, where there’s food, you won’t find me too far away. I tried the Mexican tacos; this food truck specializes in making their own chorizo, which is what most of their dishes were based around. I have to say, they were pretty tasty [even if I don’t normally eat pork] and it was definitely different from your regular taco. There is also a farmers market on Saturdays with tons of fresh fruit and veggies available for your picking! When you’re on holidays it’s hard to buy fresh food, but I would for sure if I lived there.

After the Brick Works, I went up the CN Tower –that is the first and last time as I am afraid of heights. It had to be done though, who goes to Toronto and doesn’t ride up the 400 meters in an elevator? I thought the 40th floor in the airbnb we were staying is was high… We spent a good hour walking around on both floors of the tower and taking in the beautiful views. I must admit, it was gorgeous seeing the whole city as well as Lake Ontario on the other side, which to me looks like the ocean. It is so big and so blue! I can’t wait to see the beaches in the summer when I go back! Standing on the glass floor was terrifying; so many people go up just for this!  Looking down to see all the people walking around below [they all look like ants they are so small] and being above the Ripley’s Aquarium –that was enough for me.  Nick literally had to pull me onto the floor or else I wouldn’t have seen below or felt my stomach drop as soon as I stood on it  [in the end I’m glad he did!] Overall, Toronto was a great experience! I have always wanted to visit to see if I like it, and to see if I could ever live there.  After the one week I was there, I still haven’t made up my mind –I think I would have to see it in the summer time to decide!

Have a fantastic weekend everyone and enjoy your time with loved ones, friends, and family! Easter is a great time to get together and celebrate.  I will be out searching for the best cherry blossoms in Vancouver this weekend, so stay tuned!

[xo] -M


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