The Deighton Cup

Happy Monday Loves!  I had the best weekend at The Deighton Cup with my man all suited up.  It was the best people watching –seeing all of the beautiful outfits on the girls along with their facinators, and the guys looked so dapper!  The Deighton Cup tickets included a lunch as well, which was quite gourmet if you ask me.  I was not expecting to have tuna tataki with all of the fixings you can imagine, and they even had a vegetarian option!  It was very well thought out.  I would definitely go again next year and I recommend everyone go check it out even just once because it was super fun and one of the best people watching events I have attended in Vancouver!  The only complaint I had was that the alcohol was a bit expensive, and I am not one to whine about prices normally, but who wants to pay $150 for a bottle of champagne? [keep in mind this wasn’t Veuve they were serving!] Overall, it was a really fun event and we even won the last race we bet on! A whopping $25 from our $5 bet [we went for the experience not to win big, obviously!]

I am super excited because this is a VERY short work week for me and then it’s off to the Okanagan for some much need wine tasting and relaxation!  If you guys have any recommendations, I would love to hear your fav wineries or hot spots to dine!

[xo] -M

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