The 411 on Eyelash Extensions

I have had eyelash extensions on and off for about three years [and one really bad experience about five years ago] so I thought it would be fun to chat a bit about my experience with them. It seems like everyone gets their nails and/or hair done on the regular but for some reason lashes have just started to catch up. Ladies, I’m here to tell you they are so worth the investment.


Time Saver

If you are looking for a quick morning routine, then lashes are going to be your best friend. It’s super easy to throw on foundation and a bit of bronzer and head out the door. I only do my eye makeup if I have a special event or photo shoot now.

The no makeup, makeup look

I don’t usually wear a ton of makeup in general, so having lash extensions makes me look and feel put together. Even if I’m just going to a workout class.

Vacation Ready

The amount of times I have been complimented on my lashes while I’m on vacay is insane! Everyone is always so sad when I tell them I’m not from wherever I am visiting. Seriously though, having lashes on vacation is the best. I usually do some sort of photo shoot when I travel and it makes me look extra glam without the hassle of having to do falsies or individuals myself.

Note: If you want your lashes to last, I wouldn’t recommend going under water in the pool. I have never had a problem with my lashes falling out after swimming but I’m definitely more conscious and don’t rub my eyes.


Damage to the Natural Lash

I don’t care who tells you it doesn’t damage your natural lashes. Everyone that I know who has had eyelash extensions always says their lashes are much shorter when they are taken off. I always joke that when I have them taken off I’m going to look like a naked mole rat haha!! For myself, it takes a good two weeks before they start to look like my normal lashes after I have had them taken off. What I like to do is give my lashes a break every 3 months and have the extensions taken off for one month to strengthen my natural lashes. Another tip: I use Latisse [prescribed by a doctor] or neuLASH serum to help with regrowth, even while I have the lash extensions on. They are both a bit pricey, but worth it!

Daily Routine Changes

You have to be careful when washing your face and you can’t use oil based products as this will remove the lashes. No, you can’t rub your eyes or put your face directly in the shower stream for obvious reasons. Sleeping is what I find to cause the majority of my lashes to fall out because I’m a side sleeper so my left eye usually needs a little more TLC when I go in for a fill. Silk pillow cases have really helped with the longevity of the lashes and they are also good for your skin, so it’s a win-win!


Lash extensions are an investment. Depending on the service you choose, a full set can range from $105 for a classic set all the way up to $300 for a full volume set. Fills tend to be about half the cost of a full set.

Allergic Reactions

Like I mentioned in the beginning of this post, I had a really really bad experience the first time I got eyelash extensions. It was a friend of a friend who offered to do them for me in her home. Needless to say, three hours later, and my eyes half glued shut, I had a really bad reaction to the glue that ended up in my eyes. I swore I would never get my lashes done again after that because not only did I have extreme redness and soreness in my eyes for over a week, I tried to get them taken off and they wouldn’t budge. I was scared after that!

Where and Why

When I found out one of my clients [now friend] had a lash studio, I decided to give them another try. I was super nervous going in [I even made Nick come in with me for the hour long appointment for moral support.] I am beyond happy I gave them another shot! Every time I go in I get to take a nap, that’s how relaxing it is! I always leave with the best lashes EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

I bet you are wondering… where do I go? Well ladies, Noir Lash Lounge Lower Lonsdale is where it’s at! My favourite set is the Force Majeur because they are voluminous but not over the top! You get up to four synthetic mink lash extensions applied onto a single natural lash. You really can’t go wrong with any style though, it just depends on what you are comfortable with. I get compliments on my lashes almost everyday because they are that good!

I hope that helps with any questions you may have had. If I missed anything or there is anything else you want to know, please message me and I will fill you in!

[xo] -M

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Thank you to Noir Lash Lounge for always taking care of my lashes!
All opinions are my own.

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