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Happy Thanksgiving Weekend to all my Canadian followers!  Now that it is officially fall, I am so excited to style my sweaters for the season!  Every time I shop [online or in store] I can’t help but check out the sweaters.  I’m sure my boyfriend would say: “she has WAY too many” but I can’t help myself!  I love all of the different fabrics and colours.  Fall is my favourite season when it comes to fashion.  I am obsessed with the sweater-dress I am wearing in these photos.  It comes in so many different colours and patterns –I might just have to grab a couple more!  I’ll link them below.

We all know I like to stick to the more classic colours [especially black,] but there are a few times I have gone out of my comfort zone with a  brighter colour, and you can’t go wrong with leopard print!  Today on House of Classy, I thought I would help you gals out by giving a few pointers on how to buy good quality sweaters:

1.] Oversized

Buy a size up then you normally would.  Sweaters are meant to be comfortable, you shouldn’t have to hold your tummy in all day in a sweater.  The reason I love them so much is because they hide all the areas you may not want to flaunt [especially in the winter.]  You can also layer when they are a little looser to help stay warm on those cold winter days.

2.] Fabric

Stay away from Acrylic and Rayon.  Acrylic pills and rayon shrinks.  Who wants to spend their hard earned dollars on something that looks like its been in the dryer for hours on end?  Not me!

3.] Colour

You can play around with colour depending on the season, but my go-to is definitely grey and black in the winter.  I am very simple when it comes to colours, but I like to add a pop once in a while with an accessory.

4.] Texture

Texture is so important when deciding on a sweater.  There have been times when I’ve looked at a sweater and loved it, but when I put it on, it was SO itchy.  I can’t stand that feeling no matter how cute the sweater is.  There are so many to choose from these days that it’s not worth sacrificing comfort for cuteness.

These are simple tips, but they are super helpful when it comes to buying a new sweater!

[xo] -M


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Love your sweater look! The peek of animal print provides a nice contrast!


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