Sisters Graduation 2017

I just HAD to post these adorable family photos for everyone to see!  It was the perfect day for a graduation, minus the fact that it was at 8:30 AM….  At least the sun was out!  I am so proud of my little sister for graduating from the University of British Columbia in Psychology.  I don’t think anyone was happier to see her graduate than my dad, he literally stood up when she walked across the stage and was whistling the whole time, and then you hear my mom and I with our weak cheering [hey, at least we tried!]  It was a long five years for everyone and we are very happy that she is done… for now anyways!  I think there is grad school in the near future [which is amazing!]

Congratulations baby seester, I love you!

[xo] -M

Cult Gaia Bag Large

Dress [Joe Fresh –2 Years Ago]


Lipstick [in velvet underground]

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