Sweater Weather

Happy Thanksgiving Weekend to all my Canadian followers!  Now that it is officially fall, I am so excited to style my sweaters for the season!  Every time I shop [online or in store] I can’t help but check out the sweaters.  I’m sure my boyfriend

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Label: The “Average Sized” Girl

Let’s Talk Body Positivity:
I talk about it a lot these days.  I just want to be real with you guys, sometimes it really sucks to be “average.”  I’m definitely not skinny, but I’m not plus sized.  I’m strong, but my body may not look fit.  I’m

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Vacation Style Essentials

We all know that packing for a vacation can be stressful [especially for us bloggers because we have to strategically piece together each outfit for our shoots] but I have compiled up a list of travel essentials while vacationing in a hot spot to help

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How to Get Over Burnout

Recently, I have been really sick with the usual cold that everyone gets.  Sadly it has been over the last month, and it had a huge impact on my health and how I spent my last few weeks of summer.  I am always sick at

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