6 Reasons to Fall in Love with Fall

There is nothing that I look forward to more than relaxing on a cozy fall day at home!  Wrapped up in a blanket with my favourite sweat pants on and a warm sweater, curled up on the couch watching my favourite classic movie [legally blonde


Sweater Weather

Happy Thanksgiving Weekend to all my Canadian followers!  Now that it is officially fall, I am so excited to style my sweaters for the season!  Every time I shop [online or in store] I can’t help but check out the sweaters.  I’m sure my boyfriend

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Vacation Style Essentials

We all know that packing for a vacation can be stressful [especially for us bloggers because we have to strategically piece together each outfit for our shoots] but I have compiled up a list of travel essentials while vacationing in a hot spot to help

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How to Get Over Burnout

Recently, I have been really sick with the usual cold that everyone gets.  Sadly it has been over the last month, and it had a huge impact on my health and how I spent my last few weeks of summer.  I am always sick at

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