National Best Friend Day

Today on House of Classy, I am celebrating National Best Friend Day! There are so many amazing people in my life [and don’t worry I am not forgetting about y’all,] but today is about that one special man in my life.

To the person I can go to with anything and not be judged –I am so thankful to have someone so loving and caring in my life like you.  To be able to come home to him at the end of the day is such a blessing!  There isn’t anyone that compares to how open I am with him, how much I trust him, how goofy or weird I can be with him and he just goes along with it, or how I just want to cuddle him ALL day long.  We can’t go one hour without talking to each other, or just saying “I Love you” in a simple text.  I know that at the end of the day, whether it has been good or bad, he will be there next to me holding my hand through everything. Life is never perfect, but with someone as special as you, it sure feels like it is to me!

Happy National Best Friends Day Everyone!  They aren’t easy to find, so hold on to them when you do!

[xo] -M




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