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<p class=”drop”>E</p>ver since my first days of kindergarten, I remember being so excited about getting new school supplies. New notebooks, new pens, mechanical pencils, you name it I had it. Now that I am older [okay, only 24] I see that is, and will always be, one of my obsessions. I think it’s the being organized part of me. So the other day when I was out at the mall, I found the most adorable marble file folders with cute sayings on them, and guess what? They’re marbleized, like everything else I own right now [accessory wise!]  Even my mouse pad [which is actually a memo pad] at work is marble. The laptop case is so adorbs, you can thank Etsy for that cute find! It has my initials on it in script which apparently goes first name, last name, middle name [news to me] but I love it!

Also, can we talk about the s’well water bottles? UN-REAL!  I had no idea what the big fad was about these things until I broke down and bought one. Trust me, it will be the best $50 you spend on a water bottle. It literally keeps my water cold for two full days –that’s more than 48 hours people! I haven’t tried a hot drink in it yet, but if it’s anything like the cold, it will be life changing. Having a cute water bottle actually does make you drink more throughout the day; we need at least 8 cups of water everyday and that’s without any exercise involved. I’ve convinced everyone in my office to get one and they agree with me on how great they are! Take a peek below at my cute finds!

[xo] -M


S’well Water Bottle


Laptop Hard Case

File Folders [similar here]

Chanel Handbag [similar here]

iPhone Case [similar here]

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