Long Weekend Festivities

I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend in Canada and the USA!  I loved scrolling through all of the Instagram photos and seeing the festive outfits everyone came up with! It was so nice having a three day weekend to catch up on some sleep and I ended up getting lots of work done!  I spent time with my little family soaking up the well deserved vitamin D almost every day, even if it was just a couple of hours.  I celebrated this weekend at Second Beach swimming pool at Stanley Park, it is so beautiful there with views of freighters and sail boats in English Bay. Monday was particularly windy –the whole time I was there I was thankful I had worn a hat or else my hair would have been everywhere.  For the first time this year, I actually noticed tan lines! YAY! Thankfully, it’s a short work week so I can get back to the beach to keep this tan up!

I am super excited, Nick and I  just booked our 4 day weekend in Osoyoos at the cutest little vineyard.  I can’t wait to get away and spend time with my hubby exploring wineries and the obvious –drinking wine, it will be a first for me [being over 19 anyways!]  I am still in search of a place to stay for our last two days there, so if you have any suggestions please message me I would love some recommendations!

Have a great rest of the week lovelies! Check out my casual weekend look below.

[xo] -M

Adidas Kicks

Striped Shorts [sold out but similar here]

White Tee 

Neverfull Handbag

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