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ey guys! Recently, I started using the whole Living Proof line of restore products. I can tell you, after years of bleaching my hair it really wasn’t holding up very well this winter. I have always had split ends, and even when I style my hair there were always flyaways all over the place. I started using the restore shampoo and conditioner first and fell in love! My hair felt so smooth and soft after just one week of using it [keeping in mind I wash my hair everyday… fine hair problems.] After such a great experience with the basics, I started looking into their other products under the same line and decided to try them out.

The whole line has really made a difference in my day-to-day hair care routine. Whether it just looks smoother after blow drying it, or the actual texture of my hair when running my fingers through it. The perfecting spray is my holy grail! Even my little man uses it. After showering using the shampoo and conditioner, I spray the perfecting spray all over and brush my hair out no problem, it acts as a detangler as well as a heat protectant without weighing down your hair [which is what every girl needs now a days!] Not to mention, the shine it gives my blonde hair is unbelievable! Because Living Proof uses actual science in their products with their patented Healthy Hair Molecule [OFPMA] it truly does its job restoring the health back into your hair.

If you have weak and brittle hair because of excessive colouring, heat, or even just the awfully cold weather… I 100% suggest trying the restore line out. It really has made a huge difference in my colour treated & heat damaged hair.


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