Kitchen Organization: 101

We all have busy lives, from running around after kids, working all day [and night for some of us], or trying to fit in some time with our significant other. Being organized really helps with having more time for all of these things! I tend to do a big kitchen clean up once per year. This year, I spent a little extra time when organizing and it has made all the difference. Today, I’m sharing all of the products I used to help organize my kitchen!

Refrigerator Organization

When the fridge is messy it can be difficult to find spots for everything. I found some great items to help you avoid this all together.

Clear Fridge Storage

These bins are perfect to organize smaller items in your fridge and can be stacked or put side-by-side. My favourite is the one that holds cans because for some reason they always seem to fall over in my refridgerator.

Lazy Susan

I am obsessed with this lazy susan! It’s my favourite because when you have a small fridge or cupboards, it is crucial that you can fit everything in and this makes it so much easier to find everything. It’s also great for spices if you don’t have a dedicated space for them.

Cupboard + Drawer Organization

When your cupboards and drawers are messy it takes more time to find what you need. No one has time for that, so here I found a few things to help organize and keep everything nice and tidy.

3 Tiered Organizer

I stacked all of my cans on this so that I could see them when I looked in my cupboard. It’s always so frustrating when you are digging through the cabinets to find one can, and this is a great help!

Can Rack

This particular rack didn’t work in my cabinets but it was first on my list for storing cans because you can fit so many and can see everything really well. Definitely worth it if you have a spot for it. Again… small space issue!

These are great for storing in your cupboards to separate things like snacks, pasta, baking goods, etc.

Bakeware Organizer

This makes finding cutting boards and baking sheets much easier. I also love this one because it extends to fit your cabinets size perfectly.

Pot Lid Stand

This is one of the first things I bought when we moved into our suite. It’s a game changer for finding the right lid for your pots and pans. It can also double as a rack for your plates or bakeware as well.

Mug Holder

These are a game changer. It allows for more space below the mugs to put plates or bowls underneath and less wasted space.

Cutlery Holder

This is my exact utensil organizer and it is great because it keeps everything separate and it’s really easy to take out of the drawer and clean when it starts to collect little things in the corners.

Spice Jars with Labels

My favourite item purchased for this kitchen organization. They are such great quality, too. Each jar has a plastic cover and metal lid. They come with clear labels for the jar as well as black labels for the lid so no matter where you are storing them you will be able to find the spice you are looking for! It also includes a funnel for transferring all of your spices which definitely came in handy.

Kitchen Counter Organization

I like to keep my kitchen counter tops clean because we really don’t have a lot of space for cooking and chopping. There is one thing I find very useful though…

I added a utensil holder next to the stove and it makes finding that spatula or wooden spoon a breeze while cooking. I’m also obsessed with marble everything and this one is a great deal!

You made it!

I hope this was helpful. If you ever have any questions or need help with anything organization, I am more than happy to help! All items are linked under the description, so all you have to do is click and it will take you to them. Also, if you haven’t signed up for Amazon Prime, it’s definitely a game changer. I received some of these items in less than 24 hours! Click on the banner below for more info!

[xo] -M

Disclaimer: All opinions are my own. Some links are affiliate and I do make a small commission if a purchase is made.

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