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appy International Women’s day everyone! March 8th is such a huge day for us and it NEEDS to be recognized! We have come such a long way [and still have quite the way to go,] but it’s always good to celebrate our progress, isn’t it? I have already come across so many posts today celebrating WOMEN and it really does make you realize how amazing we truly are. At my office today, the girls are sending each other empowering quotes and making each other feel good about themselves- now this should be done more often, but today’s a good start!

I came across a couple videos that really made me think about what it means to be an empowering women, and how we have started to gain our own ambitions and dreams [and show them off] without them being shut down. The first one is Embrace Ambition by Tory Burch. This resonated with me because ambition has always been such a huge part of my life [whether it be good or bad] we all have different goals we want to achieve and ambition is what gets us there! I also love how so many celebrities and companies are becoming involved in these issues [see below for celeb’s that are all about feminism.] If you look at the Charlotte Tilbury line of lipstick, the first thing that is written is “darlings, I always say lipstick empowers confidence. It’s happiness in a tube!” that is the perfect line for empowering women right there! These people have such a great platform to educate us on the things that are important and create such a positive outlook for women. The second video I watched is Women’s Rights are Human Rights. I really like this video because it involves men. I think men are so important when it comes to Women’s day because they have just as much as a influence as women do [if not more] and they will make a difference if it’s approached in the right way. After all, we do all come from women!

With all of the new drama in the US politics, I think this is a good time to appreciate how lucky we are here in Canada and the good things we have going for us! It will take time to get us to where we should be [as all things do] but I believe we are headed in the right direction. Our Prime Minister Justin Trudeau just announced today that he will be providing 650 million dollars for reproductive health and rights around the world. That sounds like a good start to me! [I’ll believe it when I see it!]

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