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ello loves! I thought I’d fill you in on a few of my favourite champagnes. Since i’ve started my fitness journey i haven’t enjoyed as much as I would have liked, but I still know when to treat myself. The one I have here is Veuve Cliquot. This is my ALL time fav! If anyone needs gift ideas… [hint hint] I just love the texture of this champagne, its on the dryer side than most champagnes and that’s what I love about it. There are so many prosecco & champagnes that are extremely sweet which really isn’t my thing. Veuve is definitely a splurge, made for a special occasion as it comes in around $80-$100 a bottle here in Canada, and around $55-$75 down in the USA [keep in mind that crazy exchange rate right now.] Something a little more wallet-friendly close to Veuve is Mumm Napa. This is made in California, which fyi, a lot of champagne grapes are actually from there and not just France. Some of the best champagne in the world is made in Cali [I didn’t believe it either until I read about it!] I’d have to say the best price for taste and quality is Chandon. It is the closest you will find to a Moet or Veuve without going overboard on something like Dom Perignon [which is good, but not that good!] It’s under $30 Canadian and is worth every penny if you are a champagne connoisseur like moi! Also, funny fact about me… I don’t like coffee.  I just figured the shirt matched the personality. Shop below!

Let me know what your fav champagne is below! Even wine selections, cause we all know girls loves to watch a chick flick with a bottle of wine now and again, right?

[xo] -M

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