How to Get Over Burnout

Recently, I have been really sick with the usual cold that everyone gets.  Sadly it has been over the last month, and it had a huge impact on my health and how I spent my last few weeks of summer.  I am always sick at least 5x during the year and as soon as someone at work gets sick, I know I will have it within the week.  It’s not like I don’t take care of myself, I am always exercising, taking vitamins, and eating healthy, I just have a horrible immune system.  If anyone has an amazing nutritionist, please let me know because I have tried everything!  These photos are from the little get-away to Campbell River last weekend and it was exactly what I needed to unwind!

Today on HOC, I am talking about how I get through these rough periods and how to get back up and running.  Here are five things that really help me:

1.] Accept It

This is the hardest part.  Feeling sluggish and not being able to complete daily tasks to my full potential is the worst, let alone having to call in sick.  When your sick, thats your bodies way of saying its time to take a break.  Allow yourself to rest and reset –it will take a lot less time to heal if you take a couple of days off to relax and reset [and don’t feel guilty, we all need it!]

2.] Exercise  

There is nothing better than going for a run, getting that heart beat up, and feeling those endorphins kick in.  It is the BEST feeling and it keeps me motivated for a long time after my workout to get other things done throughout the day.

3.] Unplug

Turn off your phone!  This is a big one for us bloggers.  It is such a habit to scroll through our phones all day long without even realizing how much time it takes up.  Trust me, as soon as your phones off you will feel like a piece of you is missing, but roll with it…  It’s only for a couple of hours and it will refresh your mind not being on social media for a little while.

4.] Have a ME day

Be selfish once in a while.  Go for a massage [for those of you with medical coverage] WHY NOT!? Get your nails done, read a book, watch episode after episode of your fav tv show, get out for a long walk.  Do whatever it is that makes you feel good.  Life is too short not to do the things you love!

5.] Friends and Family

Spend time with the people that make your life more positive.  I don’t know about you guys, but a girls night out is all I need to help me get out of a funk.  It’s the people you surround yourself with that make all the difference.  For me, I know when I go out I won’t be able to feel my abs the next day from all the laughing I do with my friends; thats how I like to spend my free time.  I refuse to be around people that bring me down, or cause drama for no reason. If, for some reason, I end up being around people like that, I cut them out quickly because it has a big impact on me and I know its unhealthy.

How do you get over feeling burnt out?  

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Hey, you’re near my old stomping grounds. I grew up on Saltspring Island.
To get over burnout, I escape into a good book or watch movies on Netflix. It gives my mind a break and I can just kind of unwind that way. I’ve found that green smoothies help me stay healthier, so you may want to give that a try.



This is great. You included some good, practical tips. Definitely need to work on accepting it. Beautiful pictures by the way! Looks relaxing out there.


Stella Nadene

Great tips! I think everybody in this day and age let themselves get into that burnout stage pretty frequently. It’s like it’s a cycle when really it should be a pretty steady stream of maintenance to prevent the burnout. Hey, so I’m a health coach–and I’ve had some similar issues with immune system stuff. Do you take probiotics and vitamin D3? Also, I would recommend having blood work done to see if you’re deficient in anything PLUS hormone testing. You’d be shocked at the role hormones play in everything in your body (not only female hormones, but all others too.)



It’s interesting to me that you included “accept it” as #1. I think that’s something that’s often overlooked. People realize they have burnout and then they FIGHT super duper hard against it. Acceptance means going with the flow and I think that means having a clearer head about what to do when you work with what you’re dealing with instead of against it.



Perfect tips- and man that unplug one is so on point haha! As a blogger I totally relate to that one!


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