fter having a three day weekend, it always throws the rest of the work-week off [for me anyways!]  Don’t get me wrong, it’s always great to have that extra day, but there is just something about it that makes the rest of the week drag on.  This weekend was absolutely beautiful in Vancouver [FINALLY!] and I was lucky enough to accompany one of my besties on a Boat Cruise.  Being out on the ocean was such a nice way to end the long weekend, watching the sunset go down is probably one of the best things to do here in Vancouver –especially during the summer time!

Today, I wanted to talk a little bit about fashion and the money I spend on the different pieces in my closet.  I have had a few comments on my posts lately, and I thought I would chat a little bit about this today.  Here on House of Classy, my main goal is to educate my followers on the importance of Body Positivity and how it fits into MY life.  I love fashion, and it has always been a big part of who I am.  I personally think that it shows your creativity; who you are as a person really does come out in how you portray yourself.  Putting together different outfits is a form of art to us fashionistas.  Not everyone loves fashion –and that is okay!  For myself, it makes me feel confident when I have put in the effort of arranging my outfit the night before and putting it into action the next day!  I love being able to use all the different items in my closet and pull a completely new outfit off with the things I have had for years, or the new pieces I add in slowly when I can afford it.  Let’s face it, I live in Vancouver, one of the most expensive cities in the whole world –I can’t afford a new outfit for every post [that is crazy!!]  The designer clothes that I do own, I almost always get from Nordstrom Rack when I am down south.  The odd time I don’t get them from there, they are usually a gift or I have found them somewhere online at a crazy good price!  The one thing I do spend my money on is handbags [as I have mentioned before.]  I work 5 days a week, and it is the one thing I do spend money on.  For some of you that is crazy, and believe me, I completely understand!  Until I moved to Vancouver, I would have had same mindset as you.  For me it’s not about the money, I truly do LOVE the bags.  For some people its shoes, for me its handbags!

That being said, I do buy a TON of my clothes from Winners!  I found a pair of Hudson Jeans there last week for less than $100.00.  That is a third of what they normally cost, and if you have the patience to go through the racks, it is totally worth it!   The dress I am wearing in this post was only $39.99.  You definitely can’t go wrong with that! It will last the 2017 summer season, and I won’t feel guilty if it doesn’t work with my wardrobe next year!

I hope you all continue reading my posts on HOC –I really enjoy writing and exploring the city to let everyone see a little snapshot of my life!

[xo] -M

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