kay guys- I know gymin’ it isn’t for everyone, so if your one of those people that roll your eyes and are annoyed by the fitness crazed people all over social media, I GET it. I use to be exactly like you every time I scrolled through Instagram and saw an Arnold pose or abs. I’ve always loved going to the gym on and off my whole life, but never understood why people would post so many ‘progress’ photos and random food pictures.

Until about a year ago I thought I knew the basics of most gym equipment and meal prep, but the best thing I have ever done for myself is start working with my personal trainer, and now close friend Khrystel Pigeon. Have you ever been at the gym and felt completely self-conscious because you didn’t know how to use the equipment, or thought you were doing the exercise wrong?  You are not alone friends, that was me a year ago!  I thought I knew a lot about it all, but boy was I wrong. I did know quite a bit for someone who had never had any help at the gym, but Krystel built on my knowledge and really helped me gain confidence while I was at the gym.  I finally knew what I was doing!  Not only that, I saw RESULTS! The first time I noticed a muscle on my leg protruding I remember showing everyone and their mothers I was so excited! Squats are my holy-grail when it comes to working out. Actually, I am writing this as I climb the stair master if you can believe that. I just love the endorphin’s you get from exercising. I use to be the girl that was out for dinner most nights and having wine whenever I felt like it [which was most nights.] Once I started working out, it really changed my life, and in the long run saves a lot of money.

What I found most beneficial for my body was HIIT [high-intensity interval training.] This is a combination of short bursts of intense anaerobic exercise with a less intense recovery phase– sprints are a great example. I will set the treadmill speed anywhere from 3 to 5 mph for 30 seconds and then I will increase it to 8.5 or 9 mph for maximum intensity at 30 seconds and repeat for about 25-30 minutes. This not only burns a crazy amount of calories, but it continues burning them for 24-48 hours afterwards. Steady cardio does burn a lot of calories on it’s own and it does help if you want to lose weight, but there are many studies that show interval training is actually better because of the after-burn effect. On top of cardio, if you want to see maximum results, you really should incorporate weight training. This is where I started to see my first [muscle] results and it actually is fun! It’s like a competition with yourself; week after week you will see how much more you can squat or bench and it really is a feeling of accomplishment and builds on your own self-confidence.


Now to the fun part, outfits! I LOVE getting new workout gear. It makes going to the gym 10x more enjoyable then the last time. Feeling cute while doing dead-lifts makes you give 110% more than if you are uncomfortable in what your wearing. Take it from me, it’s worth investing in some gym outfits that make you feel cute and confident. I promise it will help! My favourite’s are lululemon tights because they have a drawstring on the inside [I swear all my tights fall down other than these ones] and a loose tank with a detailed sports bra. You can make it a little more fun with a cute saying on the top, or my fav –add a hat! SHOES! how can you not talk about runners when it comes to exercise? Right now I have a couple of Nike’s kicking around. They really are a great shoe. There are so many different styles, some for walking, jogging, and even lifting. The ones I have right now are the Nike Free RN Flyknit and if I could wear them to my office job, I would no questions asked! They are super comfortable in every way you can think of, running and lifting [my two favs] and they are $175. Worth the splurge!


[xo] -M

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