Colossal of Cherry Blossoms


t’s Tuesday!  A day later than I hoped to be posting but I was having technical difficulties with my site yesterday and uploading photos!  Thankfully I figured out how to fix it and I’m back at it today.

I hope everyone had the best Easter weekend with loved ones. It was such a nice surprise to see the sun come out for a few hours both Saturday and Sunday, and it gave me some time to shoot! It’s always hard trying to find time to go out and explore between working a full time job and blogging, let alone if it ends up raining the whole weekend!  One thing I love about blogging is that it gets you out and about to explore places you normally wouldn’t.  I am so glad it cleared up so I could go and find the cherry blossoms around Vancouver.  There are lists online of where the best places are to find the blossoms, but I found lots just driving around the city exploring myself.  Stanley Park had a great amount of blossoming trees all around, but it was very crowded.  My favourite places were found driving around the Kitsilano and UBC area as the streets have overhanging cherry blossoms all the way down.  It made for some great photos [of course Nando had to be involved. Where ever I go, he goes!]   They are so beautiful, I think it makes everyone happy seeing the bright pink after the long winter we’ve had here in Vancouver.  Take a look at the special locations below!

Bomber Jacket [similar here]

Lucky Brand Booties

Black Tights [similar here]

Tee [similar here]

Eva Clutch


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