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ne of my favourite spots on the North Shore is Deep Cove.  It has a small town feel as soon as you turn the corner and enter the little village full of shops and restaurants.  It’s so quaint and quiet, which is my kind of place!  The best time to come here is during the summer, but be prepared to drive in circles for a parking spot because this place is busy!  It has a beautiful view of the cove and it is full of small pleasure boats, kayaks, and paddle boards. There is a lot to do for the more outdoorsy person, one of the most popular is to rent a kayak out for the day and go exploring the waters!  There is also a great hike called Quarry Rock that lasts less than an hour, and it takes you to the top of a massive rock with the most breathtaking view.  I definitely recommend this one, even if you don’t love to hike, this one is quite easy [and nothing compared to the Grouse Grind!]

The restaurants in Deep Cove are all so unique.  One of my favourites in all of Vancouver, is the Arms Reach Bistro.  It has the best selection of food, wine, and desserts.  If you are a pasta connoisseur like me, go for the Prawn and Humbolt Squid Vesuvio [I don’t get the squid because I’ve never been a fan] but the spice and seafood mixed together makes for the perfect pasta! There is also Honey Doughnuts & Goodies, but you have to make sure you get there before they are completely sold out of their famous honey doughnuts!  These are by far, the best doughnuts I have ever had and they are extremely filling.  Make sure to get the original for the best mouth-watering experience.

I have spent many summer days sitting on the beach or on the large grass field reading a book and people watching.  It’s one of my favourite places to relax in the summer time, and now that it’s starting to brighten up, I can’t wait to go back!

I am getting my lashes done for the second time in my life today, the first time was a very scaring incident for me, but I am giving it another chance!  Hopefully it goes well, any tips or recommendations would be much appreciated!

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