5 Favourite Fall Activities

Fall is here, and normally I am not a huge fan of fall, but for some reason this year I’m kind of excited about it! It might have something to do with all of the cozy sweaters and beautiful fall colours around the city.  Today on House of Classy, I wanted to share some of my favourite fall activities around Vancouver that I have done, or I am hoping to get to this year!

Before I get into that, here is my easy fall outfit [as seen above] and it is SO comfortable, too!  I am obsessed with pairing pretty much everything with leggings this year.  I don’t know about you, but I just love how they look so dressy with a cute pair of slides or with booties.  Throw on a cute top and scarf, and your good to go!  I just picked up these leggings from Old Navy along with my cute boho top and they are both under $40.

Winter Jackets & Coats are something I do tend to splurge on.  I wear them several times a week overtop of my outfits, especially in the cold and wet Vancouver weather.  I found this cute wrap around at The Bay and tried it on, not thinking that I would like it [or checking the price tag,] and I ended up loving it!  I’ve linked my outfit details below.

My favourite fall activities: 

Apple Picking:  It’s relaxing and it’s peaceful. You have to get out of the city into the quieter parts of Vancouver, and for me, that’s where I find I do my best thinking.

Pumpkin Patch:  This is a must every year now! I can’t imagine buying a pumpkin from the store since visiting the pumpkin patches outside of Vancouver.  It’s such a great activity to do with kids or your significant other, and you can get some great photos while your at it!

Pumpkin Carving: I just carved my pumpkin this past weekend.  Carving a pumpkin is great to spend time with family or with friends and a glass of wine to make it a little more enjoyable!  I carved my pumpkin in the shape of a paw print this year [easy, I know!]

Baking: I am totally obsessed with anything pumpkin or apple filled, so I can’t wait to start baking!  I recently picked up The Oh She Glows Cookbook and I’m looking forward to trying out all the vegan recipes in it.

Fall Hikes:  There are so many gorgeous hikes in and around Vancouver.  From the Squamish Chief to The Rock in Deep Cove, fall is the perfect time to get out!  The leaves are changing and the weather is still warm enough to wear a light jacket and get away with it!  Just make sure to bring all the necessities and wear proper footwear [depending on the hike] –it’s always best to be prepared!

I hope you guys liked this and found some new things to do this fall!  Have a great Monday, and if y’all have any other ideas, I would love to hear them in the comments below!

[xo] -M

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Yes to all of these activities! Fall has got to be my favorite season. Loving that cozy sweater as well!

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