21 Things You May Not Know About Me

It’s Wednesday Y’all!  Today on HOC, I thought I would share 21 things you may not know about me!  Are you ready?!

1.]LOVE ducks [they are pairs for life, how cute is that?]

2.] I have 2 tattoos [a heart on my ring finger, and script on my ribs.]

3.] I live by the quote “everything happens for a reason” and that is what I have tattooed on my ribs.

4.] I hate politics! I want nothing to do with them and when they are brought up, I steer clear of those conversations real quick.

5.] I love lifting.  The gym is where I go when I am having a bad day and it ALWAYS makes me feel better.  Endorphins people!

6.] I love being at home.  I am such a homebody and as much as it may look like I enjoy being out and about, my favourite place to be is in my pjs cuddling my puppy!

7.] I can’t stand going to movies.  It takes a lot for me to go, and it has to be something I really really want to see before I even consider leaving my house.  I can’t sit still when I watch a movie in my own home, so being in a movie theatre is torture for me.

8.] I grew up on Vancouver Island [Campbell River to be exact] and I am truly a small town girl at heart.

9.] I hate wearing pants to bed, they just feel so restricting and claustrophobic!

10.] Champagne is my favourite social drink [Veuve specifically!]

11.] I named my dog Fernando because when I was 16, Nick gave me 2 rubber duckies and on the bottom of them he had named them Fernando [with a fire fighter outfit] and Fernanda [with a nursing hat.]  He knew how much ducks meant to me and it was the sweetest gesture.  7 years later when we got Nando, it just seemed to fit!

12.] I ALWAYS  have my nails done, it’s a serious addiction.

13.] Country music will always be my go-to genre, especially for road trips.  I remember when I was 12/13 I started listening to Rascal Flatts and ever since then, my whole family has loved country music.  It always hits so close to home, the lyrics are so relatable and yet so comforting at the same time.

14.] I am not religious in any way, but I do believe there is something greater out there.

15.]  I HATE  feet.  They gross me right out.  I can’t put lotion on them myself, it has to be someone else or I will suffer through having dry feet over having to touch them myself.

16.] Again with the feet.  I almost always have lotion on my feet before I fall asleep.  If I don’t –I have to wrap them in a really soft blanket because I can’t stand the feeling of dry feet against the sheets.

17.]  My favvvvv accessory hands down –a handbag.  There can never be too many purses in my closet!

18.] My dream vacation is Thailand.  It is somewhere I have wanted to travel to for a long time, and I think it’s about time to check it off the bucket list!

19.] I love all things Aritzia.  I would have to say at least half of my wardrobe is from there.  They have the best basics and there is always something for a night out when your in a crunch.

20.] I really dislike being alone.  I get lonely super easily and I love that I live with my boyfriend who is home every night for dinner.  It makes all the difference having the reassurance knowing he will be there when I get home from work.

21.] I love reality tv.  Keeping Up with the Kardashians, The Bachelor/Bachelorette, you name it, I watch it.  That being said, I also enjoy watching the old school shows like The OC, One Tree Hill, and Friends.  They will never get old.

I hope you got to know me a little better through this!  If you are curious or have any other questions about me, ask me in the comments below!

[xo] -M

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I❤️You! Thanks for sharing these fun facts about yourself.


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